Jimmy Chim: Living Canvas

  • ©2004, Jimmy Chim



    Living Canvas


Creation Year:



    Experimental Animation


    Length 4:18 minutes


Artist Statement:

    An abstract animation produced by a collaboration of a digital a ist, choreographers, and musicians in New York and Italy. The animation is purely about motions and emotions.

    To create the animation, I animated a dance performance of two
    CG characters in Maya based on choreography by Harumi Terayama and ldan Sharabi from the Juilliard School. The dance movements were then captured by numerous particles through simulation. These particles were used to animate some NURBS curves through MEL scripts. Finally, the NURBS curves were rendered using Maya Paint Effects.

    The original music for string quartet and tabla was composed and produced by John Maida in Italy.

    “Life is a canvas, and we are our own paint brush to paint who we are. Every painting is unique, and it is upon us to paint what we like on our own canvas.”


    Composer: John Maida

    Choreographers: Harumi Terayama, ldan Sharabi

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