Jesse Hemminger: Proximal Actuator

  • ©2000, Jesse Hemminger

  • ©2000, Jesse Hemminger

  • ©2000, Jesse Hemminger



    Proximal Actuator


Creation Year:



    Robotic Sculpture


Artist Statement:

    “Proximal Actuator” is a metaphor for modern society’s technologically mediated interconnectedness. Our fingers are both actuators and mediators of many forms of communication. In this work, fingers are cast from each member of the artist’s family, incorporated into the system, and serve as a metaphor for family connection. While we remain in contact, our connections are not physical but are transmuted by our communication devices. They are detected, digitized, interpreted, compressed, relayed, transmitted, and reconfigured into something that is often less than human and detached from the source.

    “Proximal Actuator” is an interactive open system. It requires an input of energy to be active. Here the viewer’s fingers set off chain reactions, bringing the piece to life. “Proximal Actuator” falls silent when there is no viewer interaction. This reflects the primary reality of relationships: that they cease without interaction.

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