Jaejoong Lee, Jin Wan Park: Scent of Lollipop

  • ©, Jae Joong Lee and Jin Wan Park



    Scent of Lollipop



Artist Statement:

    This work represents memories of childhood. A lollipop is one of the world’s most be loved snacks. Although it is common to normal people, a lollipop is not an affordable snack to poor children. This work expresses an imaginary lollipop by a user’s drawing. The candy drawing is printed on a paper having a message on its backside. The message represents memories of childhood. The printer uses fragrance inks to print out an origami with a lollipop shape. The audience carries on art works which have a fragrance and lollipop shape. This is a fake lollipop, however it may represent a hope for everyone.