Information International Inc.: TRON Solar Sailor

  • ©1982, Information International Inc.



    TRON Solar Sailor


Creation Year:



    Photograph of raster image


Artist Statement:

    At a 1981 convention for computer graphics (SIGGRAPH), Triple-I presented a demonstration 

reel that illustrated the company’s achievements in computer imagery. This reel was instrumental in convincing the Disney Studios’ executives that computer animation could be successfully integrated into a motion picture.

    Richard Taylor discusses the role that the Triple-I demo reel played in Disney’s decision to make Tron:

    “The conference saw a big 35mm representation of what really had a beginning, middle, and an end. It tried to really demonstrate to the world the potential of this medium. It had a great effect. It helped other people develop their things. It gave them an insight into what you could really do. And it had everything to do with why Disney believed that Tron could be done. Because it was a piece of film that they could see that worked overall and had a wide range of things that had been choreographed and created specifically.”

    Extracted from:   “14.3 Tron”

Other Information:

    The Universal Spheres reflect technical advances in computer graphics as expressed in spherical objects.