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    Flow of Qi



Artist Statement:

    A video presentation of an interactive artwork in which participants experience the artistic spirit of the ancient calligraphy masters and how breathing was reflected in creating famous pieces of Chinese calligraphy.

    Two participants are seated in chairs equipped with ultra-wide-band devices that measure both the speed and depth of breathing every 0.1 seconds, which influences the pattern of the calligraphy. One person affects the fluidity and speed of the strokes, while the other alters the intensity of the ink. By altering the depth and rhythm of their breathing, the participants gradually reach a state of harmony with the calligrapher and with each other, drifting deeper into this art through sensing and controlling the flow of their own Qi.
    Concept, Creative Director
    Shu-Min Wu
    Art Director
    Yau Chen
    Horus Shu
    Technical Director
    Tsang-Gang Lin
    UWB Technical Director
    Teh-Ho Tao
    Interactive Sound Designer
    Tang-Chun Li
    Creative Producer
    Ministry of Economic Affirs, Taiwan
    Industrial Technology Research Institute
    Executive Producer
    ITRI Creativity Lab
    The original calligraphy images are all authorised by the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.

Other Information:

    Synthesis – Curated Show

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