Hyung Min Lee: Bibigi

  • ©2007, Hyung Min Lee






Creation Year:



    Theremin Based on Computer-Vision Technology


Artist Statement:

    Bibigi is a music-scoring and sequencing device based on computer vision technologies. Pitch, timbre, and loudness are computed based on the hue, saturation, and intensity of images. This performance poses questions about the similarities between animals and autistic human beings. It recognizes the differences among autistic patients and seeks to understand their behavior and psychology by analyzing animal neurology, zoology, behavioral science, genetic biology, etc. The result is a conversation among different species that mixes three sources with an interaction in one space.

Technical Information:

    RGB images are transformed into the HIS model with hue, saturation, and intensity. Pitch, timbre, and loudness are computed based on the transformed images. Pitch is mainly decided by hue, timbre is mainly decided by saturation, and loudness is controlled by intensity. This
    conversion rule is based on the analogy of color and sound, in terms of physical properties.

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