Goki Muramoto: Imagraph

  • ©, Goki Muramoto






Artist Statement:

    Imagraph is a medium that arbitrates between two primordial “attitudes”: projecting the images and closing the senses. Participants lie on their backs in a box-shaped bed and shut their eyes. Two pieces of LED display board are suspended above their heads, with optical fibers from each pixel extending to the surface of their eyelids. The video prepared in advance is unilaterally played after the spectral compensation against the “blood-red” unique to their own flesh. There, the eyelid becomes the medium for the very object it is trying to block off. The intended colors and their placements are sent, but this in no way implies the triumph of projection over closing. The ritualistic posture forms a distinctive video place filled with the “tone of the unconscious.” Just as eye closure deprives the participant of the rejection capability, projection as the arrayed commands also loses its authority. Participants unintentionally derive movements and colors that are not actually presented to them and blend the internally sprung image into the video irreversibly. Both projecting and closing are dysfunctional, and a singular relationship is established between the “projector” and the “projectee.” What is the freedom each pole has, and where does the “image” inhabit?

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