Eric Augier: Boite Noire

  • ©2001, Eric Augier



    Boite Noire


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Artist Statement:

    This is a clip about a crash test dummy who works in a copy center and is subject to ubiquity. He photocopies documents and repeats gestures rhythmically, surrounded by clones that do the same as he does. Then he has a fantasy about total reproduction.

    Boite Noire is about the mechanisms of life and their micro variations (daily repetitions of gestures, rhythmic beats of a body driven by a large number of internal and external stimuli, the pleasure of repetition in musical trances) both corporal and sexual, up to and including the principle of life itself with the reproduction of DNA sequences to generate a clone that beats to the rhythm. In this project, digital technology allows the artist to model his own reality so that it might become real in the eyes of others.

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