Cranston/Csuri Productions, Kornick Lindsay: Mustard Jar

  • ©, Cranston/Csuri Productions, Joe Kornick, and Dean Lindsay




    Mustard Jar



Artist Statement:

    Each of these mustard jars was created as a variation of one design. The computer could be programmed to create thousands of different designs by slightly varying several design characteristics. Volume and other aspects of the design could be kept constant.

Technical Information:

    Digital Equipment Corp. VAX 11/780
    Custom-Built 32-bit Frame Buffer
    Ampex Model ESS-2
    Electronic Still-Store

    Software: Dr Frank Crow (rendering software)

Process Information:

    Unlimited Detail and Variation

    Unlike conventional design media, such as paper and pencil, a computer’s representation of an object can incorporate every conceivable detail. The amount of detail that a database can contain is virtually infinite, limited only by the available data storage medium (usually magnetic tape or disk). Being able to easily manipulate the database allows designers to rotate, twist, bend, and make other modifications very quickly.

Other Information:

    R.T. French Co.
    Rochester, NY