Computervision Corporation: Sabre Saw

  • ©, Computervision Corporation

  • ©, Computervision Corporation




    Sabre Saw



Artist Statement:

    Smooth shaded renderings of this sabre saw make it easy to perceive various components.

    Subassemblies can be separated from the whole and viewed from any direction.

    Filleting and blending capabilities allow the designer to interactively combine and smooth several major surfaces into the desired design envelope. Since the rendering software simulates the effects of light on an actual surface, even subtle imperfections show up as they would on an actual object. Note, for example, the unintended “wrinkle” in the vertical portion of the housing.

Technical Information:

    Computervision CDS 4000
    CAE/CAD/CAM System
    Computervision Instaview (R)
    High Resolution Display

    Advanced Surface Design (TM)
    Imagedesign (TM)

Process Information:

    Unlimited Detail and Variation

    Unlike conventional design media, such as paper and pencil, a computer’s representation of an object can incorporate every conceivable detail. The amount of detail that a database can contain is virtually infinite, limited only by the available data storage medium (usually magnetic tape or disk). Being able to easily manipulate the database allows designers to rotate, twist, bend, and make other modifications very quickly.