Charles Jencks, John Heile: London Column

  • ©, Charles Jencks and John Heile

  • ©, Charles Jencks and John Heile

  • ©, Charles Jencks and John Heile



    London Column



Artist Statement:

    Proportion is always an important issue in architectural composition. In the past, architects have explored variants in proportion by making sketches and study models, but this is a slow and cumbersome process. Now it is possible to carry out these explorations very fluidly and rapidly by entering values for dimensioning variables at a graphics workstation. Here we see some variants on a colonnade, that were produced in this way.

Process Information:

    Composition of Lines

    Architects have traditionally used T-squares or parallel rules, triangles and compasses to construct line drawings that define building geometry. But these traditional tools are now being replaced by computer drafting systems (just as the writer’s traditional pencil and typewriter are being replaced by word processing systems).