Cedar Sherbert: Gesture Down (I Don’t Sing)

  • ©2007, Cedar Sherbert




    Gesture Down (I Don’t Sing)


Creation Year:



    A short film screened on a loop


Artist Statement:

    Gesture Down (I Don’t Sing) is a highly personal interpretation of the poem “Gesture Down to Guatemala” by the late Blackfeet/Gros Ventre writer James Welch. It was one of seven short films commissioned by celebrated author and filmmaker Sherman Alexie as part of a weekend-long tribute to James Welch held at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle, Washington. The poem was taken from Mr. Welch’s sole book of poetry, Riding the Earthboy 40. It is a stark, beautiful, first-person rumination on place, longing, and identity. These are themes of deep resonance for me, as I am both a descendent of and estranged from the La Huerta Indian community of northern Baja California, México. This is my grandfather’s home and the place where Gesture Down (I Don’t Sing) was shot.

Technical Information:

    The short was “filmed” using a Panasonic AG-DVX100 camera
    and edited using Final Cut Pro