Bruno Follett: Faisons Les Zigopattes! (Let’s do the Zigopattes!)

  • ©2001, Bruno Follett



    Faisons Les Zigopattes! (Let's do the Zigopattes!)


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Artist Statement:

    Completed in Valenciennes (in the north of France) from the 22nd to the 24th of November during the 2000 European Gathering of Yound Digital Creation, and produced and conceived by…WAVE, “Let’s do the Zigopattes!” is the video of the chain animation made by 34 students from an original picture created by the French artist Beriou. Fourteen student teams made ten seconds of computer graphics animations beginning and ending with this same imposed image, which made it possible to link them all at the end in a four minute creation with an animated introduction and conclusion offered by Beriou. A musical soundtrack was composed and produced by the “S.i.n.” group to bring rhythm and life to this experimental collective computer graphics video work.

Other Information:

    A chained animation by Beriou and: Olivier Duprez (Lycee Charles Deulin, Conde-sur-Escaut), Agnes Jouglet and Romain Vacher (Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliques et du Textile, Roubaix), Christine Dauvier, Berangere Dominguez, Jeremie Basset and Franck Isabel (Ecole Nationale Superieure Louis Lumii:re, Paris), Thibaut Deloof, Lucas Vallerie and Baptiste Van Opstal (Supinfocom, Valenciennes), Aude Lepere, Christian Hanquet, Pierrick Limousin, David Lobel and Frederic Loubert (Maitrise de Sciences et Techniques d’Art et Communication, Universite de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambraisis), Helene Dubois and Anne-Laure Totaro (E.S.A.A.T., Roubaix), Frederique Bertrand and Laurent Leccia (Ecole d’Architecture de MarseilleLuminy), Helene Ansel and Remi Kozyra (C.F.T. Gobelins, Paris), Chloe Bocktaels and G.Rom Caron (E.S.A.A.T., Roubaix), Amelie Villeneuve and Nicola Liguori (E.S.A.A.T., Roubaix), Florent Jarry and Kevin Lene (Institut Superieur de Design, Valenciennes), Nathalie Bailleu! and Sebastien Billoue (Supinfocom, Valenciennes), Gael Cobert and Kevin Fleury (Ecole d’Arts du Havre), Olivier Lerouge, Fabrice Guevel, Fabrice Nzinzi (E.S.A.A.T., Roubaix).

    Basis picture, introduction, and conclusion animations: Beriou Chained animation concept: Marie Anne Fontenier Production, conception, and direction: Bruno Follet Assistance: Frederic Dujardin Final cut pro editing: Sebastien Wibaut Music: S.i.n. (Wave Productions) Thanks to: Chambre de Commerce et d’lndustrie du Valenciennois, Rencontres Europeennes de la Jeune Creation Numerique, Beriou, Philippe Meis, T hierry Pochet, Eric Ledune, Nedry and Ju, Free*d and No, Hugo, Jimmy and Nicolas, Nicola, Leo, and Tom.