Arturo Paracuellos: I N S P I R I T

  • ©2015, Arturo Paracuellos

  • ©2015, Arturo Paracuellos

  • ©2015, Arturo Paracuellos




    I N S P I R I T


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Artist Statement:

    I N S P I R I T may seem to be a story about light, but it is really more about people. People who enlighten us and complete us. The author, Arturo Paracuellos, likes to think that there are people whose presence lights us up inside. The work involves an interactive story with a small puzzle for the user to solve in order to move forward in the experience. The user plays a hero who has to find and then place a series of mysterious lights, thus illuminating their tiny world.

    Arturo used the 3D tool Blender to model the simple character’s skeleton and create movements based on user actions. This resulted in 12 animations in a loop of about 2 to 3 seconds. These skeletal animations were exported to THREE.js to create the final on screen result. Arturo also used THREE.Audio and THREE.AudioListener as the base for creating immersive sound content for mobile, desktop, and headset experiences.


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