Armella Leung, Olivier Oswald: The Dreaming Pillow (L’Oreiller Rêveur)

  • ©2008, Armella Leung and Olivier Oswald



    The Dreaming Pillow (L’Oreiller Rêveur)


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Artist Statement:

    The Dreaming Pillow proposes transformation of everyday objects from mundane accessories to real actors. This approach is inspired by “Object Theater,” in which objects play a transformative theatrical role. The introduction of technological augmentation can imbue an object with an entirely novel set of functions, thus offering an enhanced interaction between the audience and the object. In this instance, the object in question is quite familiar, even banal: the pillow. We associate it with rest, sleep, well-being, and softness. The Dreaming Pillow offers several interactive scenarios that are representative of sensations generally associated with dreams, providing the audience an evocative oneiric journey.


    With the help of L’Ecole des Mines de Paris