Arina Melkozernova: Self-Transparency

  • ©2007, Arina Melkozernova





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Artist Statement:

    Arina Melkozernova applies her fascination with the women surrealists to her chosen medium of 3D animation. She uses animation to make the invisible become visible. She is interested in visualizing mental space and spiritual connections in the quest for herself. Three-dimensional animation allows her to create symbolic models and surrealistic environments by extending and contracting time, space, and movement. She is not interested in technological wizardry for its own sake but rather as a medium to express her personal sense of displacement, identity issues, questions of otherness, and self-reflection. Through her art, she wants to impart this emotional condition to her audience. She looks for interactive structures to create a metaphor of mutual influence of the real and virtual world, human inner and outer space, actual and spiritual connections of people. She is currently teaching 3D animation and video at Arizona State University. The award-winning Self-Transparency, dedicated to painter Remedios Varo, incorporates aspects of the surrealists’ iconography that relate to the artist’s own experience. The film was nominated as best short film at the 2003 DAMAH Film Festival in Seattle and received a 2004 Individual Creative Excellence award by the National Broadcasters Association in the Graphic and Animation/Student category. Self-Transparency has been chosen by industry leaders as a premier example of digital artwork from one of the country’s best and brightest digital media artists

Technical Information:

    This work was created with Softimage software.

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