Adrienne Wortzel: Solace and Perpetuity

  • ©2015, Adrianne Wortzel

  • ©2015, Adrianne Wortzel

  • ©2015, Adrianne Wortzel



    Solace and Perpetuity


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    Editions are published in sets of 3 objects, the readable book, a folded book as an art object, and a linen-wrapped one as a "mummified" archival object


Artist Statement:

    “SOLACE AND PERPETUITY, a life story,” is an algorithmically rendered autobiography of the artist. Like a medieval Book of Hours, many genres are represented: diary entries, dreams, academic papers, fictive prose, poetry, plays, and video and installation scripts. These were numbered and fragmented into their indigenous paragraphs, which were subjected to a scrambling algorithm. Scrambling provides a kaleidoscopic reading of potentially 100’s of 1000’s of possibilities. The artist’s character seeps through a text where every paragraph is a subtext. Published by Weil Books in 2015. Collector’s edition available through the artist, individual copies at

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