“Washed Up” by Bell

  • ©Kyle T. Bell  Will Vinton Studios


SIGGRAPH Video Review:


    Washed Up




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Will Vinton Studios


    Washed Up is about Mort, a loner with a yearning for the wide-open spaces and, most especially, this year’s SIGGRAPH conference in San Antonio. Awakened by a scurrying crab, Mort quickly begins his preparations for the big event. SIGGRAPH doesn’t come to San Antonio often. Mort needs to look his best and dress the part. He carefully selects his finest Texas wear, including dapper suede boots and a broad rimmed cowboy hat. A few finishing touches and he’s ready to go. Well almost.

    Washed Up was created entirely with Maya, textures with Deep Paint 3D, and composited in Shake and Flame.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Mary E. Sandell
    Sound Design and Mix: Jaime Haggerty
    Executive Producers: Rich Durkin, Jeff Farnath, Zilpha Yost
    Additional Technical Support: Adrian Grey, Noah Klabunde
    Supervising Director: Mark Gustafson
    Additional Modeling: Dan Casey
    Director of Photography: Michael Sean Foley
    Camera Monkey: David Trappe
    Lead Artists: Keridan Elliott, Michael Sean Foley
    Animation: Travis Knight, Kevin MacLean, Allan Steele
    Storyboard Artist: Robin Ator
    Character Design and Modeling: Charlie Ramos
    Character Facial Set-up and “Magic Balls”: Keridan Elliott
    Character Body Set-up: Shawn McInerney
    Character Texturing: Dan Casey
    Prop and Set Modeling: Kerry Pierce, Charlie Ramos
    Prop and Set Texturing: Dan Casey, Robin Foley, TJ Nabors
    Technical Directors: Dan Casey, Michael Sean Foley, Chris Immroth, Shawn McInerney, John Pierson, Patrick Van Pelt, Jeff White
    Editor: Cam Williams
    Compositing: Rex Carter

Animation / Video Overview: