“Mini “Martians”” by Palmer

  • ©Chris Palmer  Passion Pictures


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    Mini “Martians”




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    The aliens arrive in London. The Mini sees them and leads them on a chase to the countryside, obliterating various landmarks along the way. The pod gets stuck in a cattlegrid and topples, revealing its alien driver. “The challenge for Passion’s CG department was twofold,” says Cara Speller. “Firstly, we had to match the camera tracking in the animation to the live action, and secondly we had to render the animation to film resolution, which meant we had to upgrade our render farm.” The animation was produced using Lightwave and Messiah, and Digital Fusion was used for the test compositing.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Cara Speller
    Client: BMW
    FX Animation: Geoff Suttor
    Agency: WCRS
    Design: Paul Catling, John Robertson
    Creatives: Yu Kung, Andy Brittan
    Offline Editor: Kevan O’Brien
    Producer: Sally Lipsius
    Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann
    Live Action Company: Gorgeous Enterprises
    Post Production: John Hollis, Tom Sparks
    Producer: Suza Horvat
    Editor: Paul Watts
    CG Animation Company: Passion Pictures
    CG Animation Director: Phil Dale
    Visual FX Supervisor: Chris Knott
    CG Animation: Phil Dale, David Sigrist
    Texture & Lighting Artists: Stuart Hall, Robin Konieczny, Matt Westrup

Animation / Video Overview: