“Walking with Beasts” by Haines, James and Patterson

  • ©Tim Haines, Jasper James, and Nigel Patterson



    Walking with Beasts





    Walking with Beasts tells the story of the 60 million years between the end of the age of reptiles and the arrival of human beings. More than 30 extinct mammals were animated in CG by the team that produced the highly acclaimed Walking with Dinosaurs, seen by more than 350 million people worldwide. New challenges encountered in this series included all types of fur and hair, from woolly mammoths to sabre-tooth cats, the feathers on giant flightless birds, and simulation of realistic muscle movement and facial expressions.

Additional Contributors:

    Director of Computer Animation: Mike Milne
    Film Editor: Andrew Wilks
    Animation Supervisors: Virgil Manning, Max Tyrie
    Maquette Scanning: Sean Varney, Guy Hauldren
    Software Development: Alex Parkinson, Chi Kwong Lo, James Studdart
    Animators: Richard Dexter, Sophie Lodge, Stuart Ellis, Neil Glaseby, Alex Burt, Peter Clayton, Wayne Howe, Simon Clarke, Robyn Luckham, Jon Turberfield
    Visual Effects Supervisors: Tim Greenwood, George Roper
    Visual Effects Producers: Fiona Walkinshaw, Michael Davis, Simon Whalley, Scott Griffin
    Technical Directors: Theo Facey, Darren Byford, Adam Burnett, Karen Halliwell, JP Li
    Digital Effects Artists: Sirio Quintavalle, Kate Windibank, Avtar Bains, Christian Manz, Oliver Bersey, Eleanor Jackson, Catherine Elvidge, Jane Gratkowski, David Hulin, David Fish, Laura Dias, Steve Carey
    CG Modelers: Sarah Tosh, John Veal, Oliver Cook, David Marsh
    Skin Design: Daren Horley, Martin Macrae, Jason Horley, Danny Guertson, Virginie Degorgue

Animation / Video Overview: