“Flora “Jack Spratt”” by Coffin

  • ©Pierre Coffin


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Flora “Jack Spratt”




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    This commercial for Flora spread tells a tale based on the nursery rhyme “Jack Spratt.” Jack’s wife is no longer enamored with her unfit man, so she gives him Flora and a balanced diet. After a while, exercise and diet have changed him into a different man!

    Pierre Coffin’s CG characters are based on Stephen Hanson’s designs, and the painterly textures were deliberately used to conform as closely as possible to the designs. They were animated at the Parisian animation company McGuff Ligne.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Hugo Sands
    Agency: Lowe Lintas
    Character Model Build: Mackinnon and Saunders
    Production Company: Passion Pictures
    Director of Photography: Tristan Oliver
    Sound Effects: Rod Howick
    Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann
    Producer: Hugo Sands
    Production Manager: Erika Forzy
    Producer: Nicholas Trout, McGuff Ligne
    CG Production Supervisor: Francois Launet, McGuff Ligne
    Background/Art Direction: Eric Guillon, McGuff Ligne
    Animators: Barthelemy Boirot, Pascal Anquetil, Arnaud Pisani, Jean-Claud Charles, Max Tourret, McGuff Ligne
    Render Team: Olivier Luffin, Niklaus Bruneau, McGuff Ligne
    Character Designs: Stephen Hanson

Animation / Video Overview: