“Vigorsol: The Legend” by Moving Picture Company

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    Vigorsol: The Legend


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Moving Picture Company


    The Moving Picture Company created a darkly humorous CG campaign for Vigorsol, the Italian mint brand. Directed by Ben Dawkins for BBH, the piece was produced in collaboration with Stink.

    The campaign opens with a shot of a beautiful forest, where a ferocious fire is consuming everything in its path. Just when it looks like nothing can be done to save the forest, one enterprising chipmunk has an idea. Reaching for his packet of Vigorsol mints, the chipmunk quickly eats one and then, focusing intently, expels air so powerful and cold that the fire is frozen in its tracks and the forest is saved.
    Created in 3D, the commercial achieves a painterly, illustrative 2D look that was central to the director’s concept from the beginning.


    Dell with Linux operating systems


    3D: Maya
    2D: Shake

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Ben Dawkins

    Agency: BBH, London

    Creatives: Verity Fenner, Claudia Southgate

    Agency Producer: Olly Chapman

    Production Company: Stink

    Production Company Executive Producer: Blake Powell

    Production Company Producer: Sophie Kluman

    Editor: Alex Holden, MPC

    VFX Supervisor: Jake Mengers

    Post Production: Sophie Gunn

    3D Team: Jorge Montiel, Duncan McWilliam, Andreas Graichen, Will Broadbent, Ali Dixon, Tony Thorne

    Matte Painters: Henrik Holmberg, James Bailey

    Shake Compositors: Becky Porter, James Russel, Kim Stevenson

    FX Artist: Ashley Tyas

Animation / Video Overview: