“Video 3000” by Stuttgart Media University

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    Video 3000

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  • Stuttgart Media University


    Rolf is very happy about his brand-new Video3000 VCR, but when he turns it on, he notices that the remote control is not working properly. Instead of controlling the VCR, the remote control affects the real world. While playing with the available features (Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Fast Rewind), Rolf discovers another button…

    The movie was realised as a combination of a real miniature set and a digital 3D character. The challenge was integration and interaction of the virtual character with the real scene. For the images of the stop-motion elements and the real set, a 16-megapixel SLR (Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II) was mounted on a motion-control system.


    Autodesk Maya 7.0, NextLimit RealFlow, Adobe After Effects Professional 7.0, Adobe Photoshop CS2, MotionControl ImageBase (custom software to manage and preview image sequences)

Additional Contributors:

    Jochen Haussecker

    Jörn Großhans

    Simon Schleidt

    Marc Schleiss

    Joh Weisgerber

    Stuttgart Media University

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