“Tin Toy” by Lasseter

  • ©John Lasseter  Pixar


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    Tin Toy


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pixar


    He’s six inches tall. He’s out of his box. Someone’s left him alone with the baby.

Additional Contributors:

    Direction, animation and story: John Lasseter
    Technical director: Wiliam Reeves, Eben Ostby
    Additional animation: William Reeves, Eben Ostby, Craig Good
    Modeling: William Reeves, Eben Ostby, John Lasseter, Craig Good
    Sound: Gary Rydstrom, Sprocket Systems
    Production coordination: Ralph Guggenheim, Susan Anderson, Deidre Warin
    Post-production coordinator: Craig Good
    Output scanning: Cosmic DonConway, Ralph Guggenheim
    Dynamics: David Sales in RenderMan
    Team: Jeffrey Mock, Tony Apodaca, Jim Lawson, Pat Hanrahan, Sam Leffler, Jeff Hilgert, Darwyn Peachy
    Elves: Ed Catmull, Mark Leather, Loren Carpenter, Flip Phillips, Ralph Guggenheim, H.B. Siegel
    Film recording consultant: David Haddick, Matrix Instruments,Inc.; MultiColor Camera System: Matrix Computer Graphics Unit 3-Space Digitizer: Polhemus Navigation Science

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