“Time for Change” by Cunningham

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    Time for Change


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Media Design School


    Deep inside an old town clock, trouble is brewing. A little girl is the witness to a long-simmering spousal feud between two wooden figurines on the town clock. When the old woman realizes she is going to be replaced by a young blonde model, she takes action. But the old man outwits her and brings an unexpected change.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: James Cunningham, Leon Woud, Oliver Hilbert
    Executive Producer: David McCurdy
    Editor: James Cunningham
    Digital Effects and Animation: Rupert Ashton, Jonathan Hagan, Junying Xu, Kirsten Dale Pretorius, Priyan Jayamaha
    Sound Editor: Darron Maynard
    Original Music/Composer: Lauren King
    Sound Mix: Dave Whitehead

Animation / Video Overview: