“The Tapir”

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    The Tapir


    The animation “The Tapir” is based on a story told by Konkuat,from the Tupari Tribe in theRondonia State (AmazonianForest). This story was collected by the anthropologist BettyMindlin and published in the book “Tuparis and Tarupas”(University of Sao Paulo press -EDUSP). The story is part of theBrazilian Indian’s mythology, and explains the origin of theAmazons, the warrior women supposedly living in the heart of rainforest. The work was cre-ated as part of Raquel Coelho Thesis at the School of Visual Arts In New York City in 1996, using a Silicon Graphics Indy and Indigo 2, and Softimage. The design is based on puppet theatre and cut-outs, as an extension ofRaquel Coelho’s work as chil-dren’s books illustrator. The visual concept is based on the idea of superposition of layers, wherenine scenes are layered in 3Dspace and the camera travels from scene 1 to scene 9 revealing the story as their 9 layers come to life. The models are constructed following the same idea of super-position, layering different poly-gons to create figures, characters, and props. The sound track follows the same idea of layers and superposition, and was constructed by Arthur Kampela from pieces of electronic sounds, Indian songs,and the sounds of water, wood,and wind.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Raquel Coelho
    Sound Track: Arthur Kampela and Raquel Coelho
    Additional music by Marlui Miranda

Animation / Video Overview: