“The Rock” by Dream Quest Images

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    The Rock

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  • Dream Quest Images


    For “The Rock”, Dream QuestImages was responsible for the creation of computer-generatedF18 fighter jets and missiles along with their particle system exhaust trails, all of which required the creation of virtual worlds for motion tracking. A blue screen explosion was composited overAlcatraz Island with animated interactive light and shadows.Digital bubbles and wakes were added to motion-controlled pup-pet Navy SEAL divers and model submersible vehicles.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Rae Griffith, Dream Quest
    Visual Effects Producer: Rae Griffith
    Dream Quest Executive Producer: Dennis Hoffman
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Dan DeLeeuw
    3D Technical Supervisor: Darin Hollings
    3D Artists: John Murrah, Megan McBurney, Matt Hightower
    2D Technical Supervisor: Baine Kennison
    Compositing Art Director: Marlo Pabon
    2D Compositors: Amy Pfaffinger, Jen Howard, Michael Miller, Deborah Wiltman
    Data Management: Rory Hinnen
    Scanning/Recording Technicians: Rick Lopez
    Head of Digital Technology: Rob Burton
    Digital Department Supervisor: Mitch Dobrowner

Animation / Video Overview: