“The Sum of All Fears” by Rhythm & Hues Studios

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    The Sum of All Fears



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  • Rhythm & Hues Studios


    For Tom Clancy’s spy thriller featuring a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear weapon on U.S. soil, the visual effects team led by Glenn Neufeld and Rhythm & Hues’ Derek Spears applied volumetric rendering techniques to create the mushroom cloud and resulting blast shockwave. Realistic interaction and self shadowing provide believable cloud and dust elements without resorting to inferior “noisy sphere” methods or photographed elements.

    Other more traditional CG elements, including missile launchers, silos, and helicopters were rendered using approximated dome and area lights to simulate soft shadowing phenomenon seen in the real world without the expense of global illumination methods.

Additional Contributors:

    Production Supervisor: Vicki Thornton
    3D Modelers: lan Hulbert, Nicolas Imhof, Tex Kadonaga, Nancy Klimley, Chien-Hsiung Wang
    Production Coordinator: Onni Vosdoganes
    Senior Software Engineer: Steven Taylor
    Assistant Production Coordinator: Marisol Rivas
    Pipeline Setup: Thomas Moore
    Editorial Manager: Josh Margolies
    Production Assistants: Silas Brandon, Garrett Bryan, Kelly Hurlic
    Visual Effects Editor: Zeke Morales
    Director of Photography: Chris Duddy
    Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Debbi Phillips
    1st Assistant Cameramen: Mark Brown, Jim Thibo
    Projectionist: Perry Petrzilka
    Scan/Record Manager: Erik Akutagawa
    2nd Assistant Cameramen: Mike Blauvelt, Giselle Brewton
    Scan/Record Operators: Jeffrey Cilley, Jim Fleury, Phil Holland
    Craft Service: Michelle Bauxal
    Video Engineer: Greg Kozikowski
    Gaffer: Rich Paisley
    Sr. Accountant: Beth Andrus
    Best Boy Electric: Stephan Paul
    Publicist: Scot Byrd
    Key Grip: Blake Pike
    Render I/O Supervisor: Brandon Craig
    Best Boy Grip: Tony Sommo
    VFX Supervisor: Glenn Neufeld
    Texture Painters: Meg Harders, Megan Omi, Travis Price, Lopsie Schwartz
    Miniature Effects Consultant: Robert Spurlock
    Render Coordinators: Sally Bunasawa, Todd Daugherty, Mitch Fishman, Jonah Michaud, Nathan Ortiz, Garrett Pendergaft
    Animator: Steve Ziolkowski
    Pyrotechnic Supervisor: John Cazin
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Derek T. Spears
    Model Supervisor: Donald Pennington
    Systems Operations Supervisor: Samson Bamimore
    Effects Animators: Doug Bloom, Antoine Durr, Anders Ericson, Craig Halperin, Douglas Harsch, Liza Keith, Mike La Fave, Hideki Okano, Scotty Townsend: Julius Yang
    Lead Painter: Laurah Grijalva
    Visual Effects Producer: Jane Stephan
    Systems Operators: Jesus Castillo, Daniel Collins, Ted Endow, Gregory Go, Carmela Mendoza
    Lead Model Makers: Jim Towler, Dan Carter
    Visual Effects Art Director: Doug Juhn
    Matchmove Lead: Stephen Dobbs
    Chief Technologist: Mark A. Brown
    Nuclear CG Supervisor: Mike O’Neal
    Matchmovers: Gaelle Morand, Lulu Simon, David Sudd, Brian Wells
    Model Makers: Dave Chamberlain, Tamara Waters, Logan Payne, Joel Steiner, Dale Brady, Patrick Denver
    Manager of Systems: Bob Froehlig
    Conventional CG Supervisor: Caleb Howard
    Coordinator: Richard Roiz Wolf
    Inferno Lead: John Heller
    Management Information Services: Gautham Krishnmurti, Rasoul Hajikhani
    Digital Compositing Supervisor: Edwin Rivera
    Inferno Artists: Laura Ashford, Ken Au, Yukiko Ishiwata, Cesar Romero
    System Administrators: Greg Bradner, Walid Harmoush, Marc Hawson, Lance Kimes, Fred Simon, Kevin Tengan
    Pyrotechnic Assistants: Brandon McLaughlin, Steve Austin, Eric Cook, Joe Kline, Lenny Zapien, Anthony Simonaitis, Richard Cordobes
    Visual Effects Production Manager: Dan Foster
    Digital Compositing Lead: David Gutman
    Production Assistants: Shawn Conway, Howard Harnett
    Production Executive: Joel Mendias
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Denise Demarest
    Executive Producer: Lee Berger
    Digital Production Manager: Gene Kozicki
    Digital Compositors: Chris Bergman, Bertha Garcia, Laura Hanigan, Perry Kass, Matt Kelly, Jeremy Nelligan, Lisa Pallaro, Jonathan Robinson, Andrew Schwartz, Deborah Wagner, Matt Wilson
    Supervisor: Carlyle Livingston
    3D Coordinator: Margie Stubbs
    Producer: Tom Tucker
    2D Coordinator: Paula Bonhomme
    Roto Artist: Marvin Jones
    Production Consultant: Steve Markowitz
    Lighters: James Atkinson, Kent Estep, Keith McCabe
    Matte Painters: Chris Consani, Cam De Leon, Alison Yerxa

Animation / Video Overview: