“Pocari “Better Than Oxygen/Tennis”” by Digital Domain, Inc.

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    Pocari “Better Than Oxygen/Tennis”



Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    This surreal spot for the Japanese beverage Pocari features two players engaging in a no-holds-barred game of tennis complete with brutal serves and sprawling dives, except this game is played entirely underwater. Enlisted by production company Level 7 and director Joel Peissig, visual effects supervisor Leslie Ekker and his team at Digital Domain created the unique spot by seamlessly combining footage of the actors (shot dry on a soundstage and underwater in a swimming pool) with computer generated light beams, backgrounds, and bubble trails, many of which were created with a script written for Houdini’s Particle Generator.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Producer: Stephanie Gilgar
    Modeler: Maya Vernon Wilbert
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Cyndi Ochs
    Rotoscope: Lou Pecora, Byron Werner
    Compositors: Mark Larranaga, Christine Lo, Darren Poe
    Technical Director: Jonah Hall
    FX Animator Supervisor: Nikos Kalaitzidis
    FX Animator: Houdini Archil Gogoladze
    Data Integration Lead: Tim Conway
    Data Integration: Nancy Adams, Jason Doss, David Niednagel, Chris Simmons

Animation / Video Overview: