“The Sound of Silence” by Ling Tung University

  • ©Yi-Yun Chen  Ling Tung University


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    The Sound of Silence


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  • Ling Tung University


    For centuries, rapidly developing civilization has created today’s flourishing society and, at the same time, nibbled up the natural world. “The Sound of Silence” comes from “reverb”, a reference to the sound left in our minds, a sound one hears for only a short time, an image, an idea, a kind of thinking. Through our work, we hope our ideas will leave the same effect on the audience.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Yi-Yun Chen

    Script: Yi-Yun Chen, Pei-Ling Liou, Yi-Shang Jau, Jeng-Han Li, Jr-Wei Jou

    Animation: Jr-Wei Jou, Pei-Ling Liou, Yi-Shang Jau

    Editors: Pei-Ling Liou, Yi-Shang Jau

    Music: Jeng-Han Li

    Camera: Yi-Yun Chen, Jr-Wei Jou, Pei-Ling Liou

    Sound: Jeng-Han Li

    Voices: Ming Li, Jyun-Jonh Lin, Chia-Hao Liou

    Graphics: Yi-Yun Chen, Pei-Ling Liou, Yi-Shiang Jau, Jeng-Han Li, Jr-Wei Jou

    Compositing Photography: Pei-Ling Liou, Yi-Shiang Jau

    Photography: Yi-Yun Chen, Jeng-Han Li

    Production: Ling Tung University

Animation / Video Overview: