“SOE: The Space on Earth Project & Quantam City Project” by F.A.B.R.I.CATORS

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    SOE: The Space on Earth Project & Quantam City Project


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    This piece features excerpts from the SOE Project, which joins architecture, design, technology, science, entertainment technology, new-generation connectivity, and adaptability, and features unconventional concepts of urbanism and human habitat, networked and interactive augmented-reality environments, eco-sustainable infrastructures, and intelligent buildings in which guests experience the sense of living in outer space while on earth.

    The vision of SOE’s first model is an integral part of a themed space-tech, sustainable concept with unconventional approaches to design, employing technologies in creative ways. SOE urban design and buildings are inspired by the boundless imaginative power of outer space, orbits, bodies, shapes, cosmological phenomenon, and the harmony and tension that is part of our universe.

    SOE features intelligent multi-purpose buildings comprising: Space Shape Building, Zodiac, Entertainment Center, Andromeda, Space Hotel, Space Atrium, Virtual Cyber Center and Space Portal. The Space Shape Building logarithmic spiral design was inspired by the Milky Way Galaxy. The Zodiac design represents the geometric form of a star-shaped, segmented into 12 sides that denote the annual cycle of 12 stations along the ecliptic. Space Portal, with its smooth shell form expanding toward two aerodynamic edges, recalls a freeze-fragment of Cosmos on Earth. The Entertainment Center is a new-generation high-tech, intelligent, multi-purpose facility for musical entertainment and performing arts.




    Maya, Premier, Photoshop

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    Director: Franz Fischnaller


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