“The Physics of Cartoons Part I” by Greenberg

  • ©Steph Greenberg


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    The Physics of Cartoons Part I



    “The Physics of Cartoons Part I” is a pseudo-scientific demonstration of the principles of cartoon physics featuring two clueless characters who are demonstrated to destruction. The 3D characters were created with proprietary rendering techniques with a mix of 2D and 3D backgrounds.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Kellie-Bea Rainey
    Story: Sandra Frame, Mike Gasaway, John Goodman, Steph Greenberg
    Art Director: Gary Eggleston
    Storyboard/Character Design: Sandra Frame
    Lead Animator Act 1: Steph Greenberg
    Lead Animator Act 2: Mike Gasaway
    Lead Animator Act 3: Patrick Lowery
    Character Animator: Josh Scherr
    EFX Animator: Sean McLaughlin
    Assistant Animator: Rachel Levine, Blake Eggleston
    Character Modeler: John Goodman
    Prop Modelers: Mike Amron, Jamie Lloyd
    Technical Director: Doug Cooper
    Scene Planner: Christopher Janney
    BG Artists: Paula Eggleston, Briar Lee Mitchell, Melanie Okamura, Becca Ramos
    Production Assistants: Connie Fong, Heather Gasaway, Pam Kay

Animation / Video Overview: