“Pepsi Goose” by Usher

  • ©Kinka Usher  Digital Domain, Inc.



    Pepsi Goose


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    Due to the obvious limitations of photographing the average migrating goose in flight, Digital Domain was given the task of integrating fully CG geese with a sky diver shot practically. The refreshing beverage was also digitally animated to flow from sky diver to happy goose.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Gary Delemeester
    Visual Effects Producer: Julian Levi Animation Supervisor: Randall Rosa
    Visual Effects Supervisors: Andy MacDonald, Michael Gibson
    Compositing Supervisor: Scott Rader
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Kelly L’Estrange
    Digital Effects Coordinator: Lisa Spence Lissak
    Compositor: Rick Dunn
    Animators: Keith Smith, Vernon Wilbert, Keiji Yamaguchi, Bernd Angerer
    Digital Artists: Shannan Burkley, Christine Lo

Animation / Video Overview: