“The Penguins of Madagascar Gone in a Flash” by Nickelodeon

  • ©Bret Haaland  Nickelodeon



    The Penguins of Madagascar Gone in a Flash


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Nickelodeon


    This animation represents the culmination of two years of CG development to find the optimum balance of entertaining storytelling, high-quality aesthetics, and technical innovation. This combination allows Nickelodeon to produce an 11-minute episode each week at a near-feature-level quality on a television timeline and budget.

    Over the last two years, we have developed asset-building scripts, lighting tools, and a workflow pipeline that allows us to automate much of the CG animation process. This has enabled us to streamline and quickly produce high-quality solutions for many of the technical challenges that usually plague CG production, such as fur and large poly-counts in modeling. With these technical innovations, we create efficient and consistent assets that we pass onto our vendor studios, allowing them to concentrate most of their resources on high-quality animation and avoid dedicating large resources to solving technical problems. As we continue to expand and refine our Maya tools and interfaces, we believe this will continue to allow our artists to further push what can be created in CG for the small screen.


    Maya 8.5, Photoshop, Body Paint, Real Flow

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Bret Haaland

    Executive Producers: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

    Written by: Todd Garfield

    Storyboard: Sean Kreiner

    Supervising Director: Nick Filippi

    Animation Supervisors: Chris Neuhahn, Randy Dormans

    Based On Characters Created by: Tom McGrath And Eric Darnell for The DreamWorks Animation Movie “Madagascar”

    Supervising Producer: Bret Haaland

    Animation Producer: Dina Buteyn

    CG Line Producer: Dean Hoff

    CG Supervisor: Russell Tracy Jr.

    Lighting And Compositing Supervisor: James Davidson

    CG Texture Supervisor: Angela Ursillo

    CG FX Supervisor: Matt Cawood

    CG Supervising Animator: Michael Franceschi

    Production Manager: Nicola Gayle

    CG Production Managers: Blanca Uribe, Sonya Park

    Technical Manager: Eric Swanborg

    Senior Production Coordinator: Joann Estoesta

    CG Senior Production Coordinator: Lisa Thibault

    Production Coordinator: Vladimir Radev

    CG Production Coordinators: Ken Boyer, Katie Lykins, Michal Wright-Ward

    Script Coordinator: Justin Charlebois

    Senior Production Assistant: Ahnorrah-Rose Sutton

    CG Senior Production Assistant: Eileen Flores

    Production Assistant: Michelle Alfieri

    CG Production Assistants: Sal Lopez, Dan Garza, Mercedes Dominquez, Shondalia White, Cat Lefebvre


    Skipper: Tom McGrath

    Rico: John DiMaggio

    Kowalski: Jeff Glen Bennett

    Private: James Patrick Stuart

    King Julien: Danny Jacobs

    Maurice/Tourist: Kevin Michael Richardson

    Mort: Andy Richter

    Mason: Conrad Vernon

    Teacher/Kid Walla: Tara Strong

    Voice Director: Lisa Schaffer

    Original Casting: Sarah Noonan, CSA

    Casting Director: Meredith Layne, CSA

    Casting Coordinator: Shannon Reed

    Casting Assistant: Roxanne Escatel

    Animation Director: Dave Knott

    Storyboard Revisionists: Jill Colbert, Tomihiro Yamaguchi, Emmanuel Deligiannis

    Animatic Supervisor: Steve Downs

    Animatic Editor: Ted Machold

    Design Supervisor: Honore Gauthier

    Character Designers: Stephen Silver, Jennifer Wood

    Prop Designers: Aldina Dias, Jae H. Kim

    Color Stylists: Bryan Evans, Kaz Aizawa

    Background Layout Designers: Elsa Garagarza, Maurice Morgan

    Background Painters: Bryan Evans, Bill Dely

    CG Lead Technical Director: Ant Ward

    CG Lead Modeler: Joe Alessandra

    CG Lead Generalist: Joe Brogno

    CG Technical Directors: Joy Johnson, David Kim, Nick Puetz, Jason Stockton,
    Waleed Boghosian

    CG Generalists: John Cahoon, Pooneh Nasrollahnia, Alexander Rial, Harry Sanchez, Steve Tarin

    CG Senior Modelers: Sergio Lorenzo, Vypac Voeur

    CG Modelers: Andrew Bina, Dev Karna, Bailey Monty, Joe Dela Torre, Judith Ferrer, Stephanie Pate, Sam Wey

    CG Lead Shader Artist: Anthony Esposito

    CG Texture Artists: Brent Gordon, Candice Stephenson, Elyse Hartey, George Taylor, Sonserae Leese-Calver, Eric Mattson, Kaz Aizawa, David Palmer, Frida Sahono Jozwik, Suk Choon Yoon, Susan Harris, Roberto Jaurequi, Bryan Johnson

    CG Lead Lighting And Compositing Artists: Nousha Emami, Jim McLean

    CG Lighting And Compositing Artists: Patrick Krebs, Christina Chiusano, Tobias White, Dan Haring

    CG FX Animators: Justin Andrews, Russell Richardson, Steve Moore, Melanie Walchek

    CG R & D Director: Alfredo Barcia

    CG R & D Technical Director: Chris Karlberg

    CG Animators: Erik Kling, Dennis Shelby

    Animation Production Services: Gone In A Flash, DQ Entertainment, Ltd.

    DQE Executive Producer: Tapaas Chakravarti

    DQE Vice President – Operations: Vishal Dudeja

    DQE Chief Technology Officer: Srikanth Pottekula

    DQE Assistant Vice President – Production: Srinivas Katta

    Supervising Recording Engineer: Justin Brinsfield

    Assistant Recording Engineer: Matt Corey

    Dialogue Editor: Michael Petak

    Supervising Picture Editor: Otto Ferrene

    Post Production Supervisor: Oliver Pearce

    Post Production Coordinator: Brady Klosterman

    Director Of Post Production: Jason Stiff

    Additional Post Production Services: Kimberly Bowman, Jonathan Hylander, C.J. Kinyon, J.F. Kinyon, Rohner Segnitz, Amy K. Wu

    Music Composed by: Adam Berry

    Post Production Sound: Oracle Post

    Supervising Sound Editor: Paulette Lifton

    Post Audio Supervisor: Jimmy Lifton

    Foley Artist: Vincent Guisetti

    Foley Recordist: Aran Tanchum

    Foley Editor: Matt Hall

    SFX Designer: Ian Nyeste

    SFX Assistant Editor: Matt Hall

    Sound Re-Recording Mixers: D.J. Lynch, Ian Nyeste

    Post Production Services: CCI Digital

    Telecine Colorist: Bob Sackter

    Main Title Developed by: Bret Haaland, Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley

    Creative Consultants: Tom McGrath, Eric Darnell, Mireille Soria

    Special Thanks to: Cyma Zarghami, Brown Johnson, Alison Dexter, Mark Taylor,
    Roland Poindexter, Audrey Diehl

    Executive In Charge For Nickelodeon: Rich Magallanes

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