“The Other World” by Gravity Visual Effects and Design

  • ©Eli Sverdlov



    The Other World


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Gravity Visual Effects and Design


    What a world … no parking problem, no plane to catch, just all around loveliness. This commercial was based mainly on post work and matte painting. We focused our efforts on compositing, art, and 3D to create a new magical world.


    Flame 2009, Maya 2008, Adobe Photoshop CS3

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Eli Sverdlov

    Agency: Adler Chomsky and Warshavsky-Grey Isreal

    Digital Visual Effects: Gravity Rhino Group

    Producer: Mulla Production

    VFX Supervisor/Creative Director: Ilan Bouni

    CG Supervisor: Yoav Savaryego

    Compositing Supervisor: Ronen Sharabani