“Orange Mirrors” by Gravity Visual Effects and Design

  • ©Ayelet Menahemi  Gravity Visual Effects and Design



    Orange Mirrors


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Gravity Visual Effects and Design


    Mirrors can make a difference. This spot is all about team effort in projecting a simple ray of light all over the city. It contains a clever use of still images and green-screen work, which creates the entire space and environment. It is a perfect example of how magic is being created.


    Flame 2009, Adobe Photoshop CS3

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Ayelet Menahemi

    Agency: Reuveni Pridan IPG

    Digital Visual Effects: Gravity Rhino Group

    Producer: Paradiso

    V.F.X Supervisor, Creative Director: Ilan Bouni

    CG Supervisor: Yoav Savaryego

    Compositing Supervisor: Ronen Sharabani

Animation / Video Overview: