“The Making of Sid and the Penguins” by New York University

  • ©Ken Perlin and Athomas Goldberg


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    The Making of Sid and the Penguins


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • New York University


    “The Making of Sid and the Penguins” is a demonstration of current research in improvisational animation at the Media Research Laboratory. This film shows multiple actors performing and interacting in real time over the Web on a PC running Netscape Navigator 4.0 and the Cosmo Player plug-in from SGI.




    Netscape Navigator 4.0 and the Cosmo Player plug-in from SGI

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Ken Perlin, Athomas Goldberg

    Producer: Clilly Castiglia

    Technical and Artistic Directors: Ken Perlin, Athomas Goldberg

    Lead Programmer/Choreographer: Louella Dizon

    Animators: Courtney Armitage, Dan Kanemoto, Jeff Odel, Jesse R. Quinn, Jeff Robertson, Tatia Rosenthal

    Programmers: Jon Meyer, Wyatt Anderson, Ying Xu, Hui-wen Su, Koji Ashida

    Penguin Modeler / Alias Consultant: Jesse R. Quinn

    Video Editor: Virginie Danglades, Dan Kanemoto

    Systems Administrator: Duane Whitehurst

    Music: C music

    Equipment: Communication Specialties, Inc.

    Additional animation: Dsquared Inc., Dan Moss, Dan Schrecker

    Contributors: New York University Center for Advance Technology, Stuart Piltch, Steve Cooney