“The Ghost and the Darkness” by Sony Pictures Imageworks

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    The Ghost and the Darkness

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  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    Digital artists seamlessly integrated live-action lions with computer- generated elements to add intensity and suspense to the film. The lighting was digitally altered to allow left/right mirroring to correct lion eyelines. The lions’ color and manes were also digitally altered.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects by Sony Pictures Imageworks Culver City, Californina
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Tim McGovern
    Visual Effects Supervisor/Producer: Stuart Robertson
    Visual Effects Executive Producer: George Merkert
    Visual Effects Producer: Joan Collins
    Computer Graphic Supervisor: Ron Brinkmann
    Visual Effects Art Director: Marty Kline
    Senior Technical Designer: Jerome Chen
    Visual Effects Editor: J.W. Kompare
    Compositors: Scott McKee, Bob Peitzman, Colin Campbell, Randy Brown, Kiki Candela, Andrea Sholer, Megan Omi, Steve Kennedy, Isa AbdulBari Alsup
    Digital Effects Animator: Mike Perry
    Lead Rotoscope Artist: Nancy Oppenheim
    Digital Painter/Rotoscope Artist: Suzy Brown
    Rotoscope Artists: Maura Alvarez, Nancy Evans, John Shourt, Sue Kornfeld, Art David
    High Speed Compositors: Mark Holmes, Sheena Duggal, Kristen Trattner, Ann Monn, Kelly Pappas
    Assistant Visual Effects Editor: Guy Wiedmann
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Chris Bailey
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Ryan Berg
    Computer Graphics Coordinator: Amy Hollywood Wixson
    Visual Effects Assistant Coordinator: Yolie Moreno
    Assistant Visual Effects Editor: Guy Wiedmann
    Software Designers: Amit Agrawal, Chu Tang
    Visual Effects Illustrator/Matte Artist: Ivo Horvat
    Visual Effects Storyboard Artist: Peter Gornstein
    Digital Production Manager: Gayle Reznik
    High Speed Compositing Production Manager: Dawn Guinta
    Lead Technical Assistant: John Decker
    Technical Assistants: Doug Yoshida, John Clark
    High Speed Compositing Technical
    Assistants: Tom Ford, Steve Dobbs
    Head of Digital Production and Engineering: Bill Schultz
    I/O Supervisor: Dennis Webb
    Film Recording Software: John Strauss
    Lead Film Recordist: Chris Leone
    Film Recordist: Ken Kurras
    Location Photography Visual Effects Producer: Mark Oppenheimer
    Visual Effects Director of Photography: Chuck Schuman S.O.C.
    Motion Control Programmer: Kevin Fitzgerald
    Visual Effects Assistant Cameraperson: Ned Martin
    Electronics Engineer: David Cornelius
    Head of Camera Department: Marcus Kraus
    Chief Mechanical Design Engineer: Barry Walton
    Camera Equipment Coordinator: Allen Mansour
    Mechanical Engineer: Chris Barker
    Director of Systems Engineering: Alberto Velez
    Senior Systems Engineer: Dean Miya, Todd Outten
    Systems Administrators: Steve Kowalski, Rusty Case, David Takayama
    Systems Coordinator: Katya Culberg
    Software Coordinator: Audrea Topps Harjo
    Production Assistants: Joy Kennelly, Lloyd Moss, Melissa Barber

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