““Ghosts” Motion Capture How-To” by Winston

  • ©Stan Winston  Digital Domain, Inc.



    “Ghosts” Motion Capture How-To


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    One goal of director Stan Winston’s collaboration with Michael Jackson was to create an animated skeleton that could magically dance just like the master. This was accomplished through the performance capture of Michael’s dancing on stage as the basis of the animated CG character. The skeleton was then comped into the live action plate photography.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Digital Domain
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Ray Giarratana
    CG Supervisor/Lead Animator: Randall Rosa
    Performance Capture Supervisor: Andre Bustanoby
    Digital Compositing Supervisor: Jammie Friday
    Visual Effects Producer: John Kilkenny

Animation / Video Overview: