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    The Fallen Oak

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    HMS Royal Oak, the largest maritime war grave in the northern hemisphere, was sunk by U-boat torpe-does at anchor in the early weeks of World War II in Scapa Bay, Orkney. This Sovereign class warship was the final resting place of 833 sailors. The wreck has been leaking oil for the past 67 years and has led to attempts by the Ministry of Defence’s Marine Salvage team to prevent damage to the local envi-ronment.

    The images show the impact damage of the four torpedoes that sank the ship. One of the most powerful images is of the starboard side of the upturned hull in which a bite appears to have been taken out of the bow where the first torpedo struck. The 3D images were animated using digital cinematography tech-niques to allow the viewer to explore the wreck in detail. The effects of movement across the wrecksite give a much clearer understanding of the structure.

    The survey and visualization were carried out by ADUS, a research collaboration between Dundee and St. Andrews Universities. The ADUS team are: Chris Rowland, Martin Dean, and Mark Lawrence.


    Point cloud data gathered with Reson multibeam sonar technology. Point clouds edited with Fledermaus software and Maya. Rendering and visualisation in Maya with custom “WreckSight” plug-ins.

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