“Esc” by Independent Artist

  • ©Justin Henton  Independent Artist


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  • Independent Artist


    Inside a 3D program, a cursor creates a 3D char-acter that comes to life after an unknown error in the program and begins a journey across the computer desktop. “Esc” is an exploration into different levels of the creative process. From cre-ation of a preset rig to skinning a complex human character, the film aimed to show the audience the various steps that are required to make a computer animation. The desktop and applications were all modeled and textured in 3D to allow for the char-acters to climb up and explore the desktop.

    PRODUCTION: Polygon rendering technique used most: 3d Max’s default scanline and lighttracer Average CPU time for rendering per frame: 5-25 seconds
    Production highlight: Creating an operating system and 3D application from scratch and designing the user interface with depth in mind for the characters to traverse across.

    Total production time: eight months


    PC Intel Pentium 4 2.40 GHz 1GB RAM


    Modeling and rendering:
    3Ds Max 7.0
    Compositing: After Effects 6, Photoshop
    CS2 Editing: Premiere Pro
    OS: Windows XP

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Justin Henton

    Animation: Justin Henton

    Music: Michael Creber

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