“The Ballad of Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor” by Tillery IV

  • ©Paul A. Tillery IV



    The Ballad of Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Savannah College of Art and Design


    Half mortal. Half god. All natural chicken. This is the story of Thundercluck, a viking chicken with the power of thunder.

Additional Contributors:

    Writer, Director, Animator: Paul A. Tillery IV
    Narration: Dandy Barrett
    Sound Design: James Hunt
    Music: Brandon J. Bush
    Musicians: Joe Gransden, Wes Funderburk
    Assistant Animators: Chivaun Fitzpatrick, Davonne Dupart, Genesis Henderson, Princy Peuse, Tres Swygert