“Beans” by Avati

  • ©Alvise Avati





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Cinesite


    In this animated short by Cinesite, astronauts proudly plant a flag on the moon’s surface before a terrifying alien suddenly appears and begins hunting down and destroying each of them.
    One man is left. Will he conquer his fear and evade a sticky end?

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Eamonn Butler, Antony Hunt, Courtney Vanderslice-Law
    Executive Producer: Peter Nagle
    VFX Supervisor: Richard Clarke
    Art Direction: Jean-David Solon
    Concept Art: Andrea de Martis
    Modelling & Rigging: Grahame Curtis, Royston Willcocks, Richard Boyle
    Animation: Alvise Avati, Eamonn Butler, Peter Clayton, Tom O’Flaherty, Adam Bailey
    Texture Artist: Nicolette Newman, Gary Newman
    FX Animation: Andreas Vrhovsek, Luke Wilde
    Lighting & Compositing: Zave Jackson, Nikos Gatos, Jonathan Vuillemin, Dan Harrod, Joel Bodin, Jason Summersgill
    Editorial Post Production & Sound Design: William Marshall-Wilkinson, Christopher Learmonth
    Pipeline: Ronald Siy, Alexander Savenko

Animation / Video Overview: