“The Art Dream” by Haxton

  • ©David Haxton  William Paterson University


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    The Art Dream


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • William Paterson University


    The Art Dream is a fantasy journey through a series of 20th century paintings. A modern art book opens, and the paintings on each page become 3-D. In reality, these paintings are 2-D. In The Art Dream, the viewer sees a 3-Dworld through the use of computer generated models derived from the original paintings. The primary objective of the Center for Computer Art and Animation is to create computer generated art. That a work is computer generated is secondary, however, the unique properties of the computer as an art medium are always considered as an aspect of the overall piece. The Art Dream was produced with Alias I software on Silicon Graphics IRIS computers.

Additional Contributors:

    Art direction: Joseph Shingelo, Center Technical Director
    Production manager and animator: JanetRentel, graduate assistant
    Chief animator: Cheryl Kelly, graduate assistant

Animation / Video Overview: