“Dinosaur Stuff” by Donkin

  • ©John C. Donkin  ACCAD/OSU


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    Dinosaur Stuff


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    Dinosaur Stuff is a joint venture of the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, Ga. Designed to be an interpretive tool for both visitors and scientists, the initial goal is to demonstrate theories about dinosaur motion and life-style. A fully skilled and articulated creature which moved convincingly was required. Software was developed which would “bend the object and its skin to the corresponding motion of a skeleton. A Polyphemus 3-D digitizer was used for modeling. Produced and previewed on a Sun3 using software developed at the university, frames are rendered on a Convex C-1 Mini supercomputer and the State of Ohio Cray X/MP, and recorded via ethernet to an Abekas digital stillstore.

Additional Contributors:

    Design, Software, Modeling and Animation:John Donkin
    Rendering software: Scott Dwyer
    ACCAD Director: Charles Csuri
    Director of Fernbank Foundation: Dr. KayDavis
    Fernbank Exhibits Designer: Ruth Gehel.

Animation / Video Overview: