“Space Station” by Casey

  • ©(Thomas) Tom Casey  Production Masters Inc.


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Space Station


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Production Masters Inc.


    Image Masters developed Space Station on an experimental basis to test the texture mapping capabilities of Alias software.The amount of geometry used in creating each scene is deceptively small. The bulk of the detail was derived from multiple texture maps applied to each surface. The earth is defined by a 2000-line color map of the land and water masses, a transparency map of the cloud systems, and a bump map of the land. The space station and the shuttle cockpit displays are combinations of color and transparency maps. The models, texture maps and final motion were designed on a Silicon Graphics IRIS 2400T, and rendered on two Silicon Graphics 4D’s. Image Masters is the animation division of Production Masters, Inc.- a film, video and audio production facility. At Image Masters, technology is kept behind the scenes so clients can concentrate on their creative goals. Computers are used as tools to create a solution for the client. Various systems are integrated, allowing the development of a wide variety of styles. Personnel are, first, designers and artists, and then technicians.

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