“Shade Recovered” by Detheux

  • ©Jean Detheux  Independent Artist

  • ©Jean Detheux  Independent Artist



    Shade Recovered


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  • Independent Artist


    “Shade Recovered” undertakes to make the experience of listening to Michaela Eremiasova’s music visible, without applying figurative means. It uses practically no figure/ground differentiation, no habitual narrative techniques. Its abstract images evoke the feelings experienced by the listener, making them visible.

    While bringing to computer 2D animation the language of abstract expressionist painting, including (especially) its “messy-ness” and its elusive nature, “Shade Recovered” revives the colors that were withheld in its older sibling, “Shade Lost.”

    Shorter, lighter, it too has two lives: as film, with recorded music, and as video component of live concerts given by the Eastman Triana.


    Dual 2GHz G5, 2.16 GHz iMac Intel


    Synthetik Studio Artist (version 4 beta), Final Cut Pro

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    Creator: Jean Detheux

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