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    Rhythm & Hues

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    Sunbeam is a 30-second character animation commercial produced by Rhythm & Hues, Inc. for Chiat/Day in Los Angeles. It is the light-hearted story of a new kid on the block introduced to a Memphis-style world of soon-to-be-obsolete kitchen appliances. Sunbeam is the product of new software that allows Rhythm & Hues to do “soft-object animation” such as squash-and-stretch as easily as the animation of solid objects. We are now applying the principles of traditional cel animation to create “the illusion of life.”

Additional Contributors:

    Staff: Kevin Barnhill, Ray Feeney, Ann Kerbel, Melinda Tidwell, Frank Wuts, Wendy Elwell, Don Whittemore, Jean Cunningham
    Keith Goldfarb, Kathryn Riccio, Larry Weinberg, Cliff Boule, Charlie Gibson, John Hughes Min, Neil Richmond, Pauline Ts’o, Kathy White, Doug Chiang, Peter Farson, Michael Gibson, David Keller, Rick Ross, Lisa O’Brien, Trudy Walker
    Associates: Clark Anderson, Steve Beck, Randy Roberts
    Human body database by Kleiser-Walczak Const.

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