“Polly Gone” by Lake

  • ©Shelley Lake


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Polly Gone



    America has an inferiority complex. Once the technological world leader, we are losing our foothold in the global marketplace. As an artist and business woman who works with technology, encounter many computer naive people and with those on the defensive about their aversion to technology’s latest achievement. Though we recognize immense importance of the computer, we are frightened of its power and by our lack of understanding. There is no word in the English language to describe the synthetic without being plagued by associations of the counterfeit, pretentious, ingenuine, imitation, unnatural, contrived, superficial, unreal, fake, etc. Our dictionary lacks a way to describe an artificial life without carrying the badge of negative associations. Technology has always concerned itself with material objects of civilization, the computer promises to cross over into an intangible, spiritual realm, redefining the meaning of technology itself. By replacing our fears with love, we may better understand the computer, hence better understand ourselves.

Animation / Video Overview: