“Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands” by Zorkóczy

  • ©István Zorkóczy  DIGIC Pictures Ltd.


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    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands




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  • DIGIC Pictures Ltd.


    The young Prince of Persia, eager to defend his brother’s kingdom, learns that he holds the key to defeating the relentless enemies of legend. Outnumbered and desperate, it soon becomes clear that he will have to use more than just weapons to fend off Persia’s legions of enemies.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Alex Sandor Rabb
    CG Supervisor: Robert Kovacs
    Art Director: Peter Fendrik
    Lead Coordinator: Gyorgy Horvath
    Production Manager: Szilvia Aszmann
    Lead Modeler: Tamas Varga
    Model & Texture Artists: Gabor Kis-Juhasz, Lajos Nagy, Boglarka Piroth, Karoly Porkolab, Tamas Tothfalussy, Daniel Ulrich
    Lead Environment Artist: Kornel Ravadits
    Matte Painter: Peter Bujdoso
    Lead Character TDs: Andras Tarsoly
    Lead Animator: Istvan Zorkoczy
    Animators: Gabor Kiss, Csaba Mali
    Lead Technical Director: Szabolcs Horvatth
    Technical Directors: Jozsef Bosnyak, Attila Chovanecz, Zoltan Hollosy, Ervin Kaszap, Peter B. Kovacs, Csaba Mate, Gabor Reikort, Ivan Sarosacz, Peter Sved, Imre Tuske
    Compositing: Balazs Horvath
    Development: Gabor Medinacz, Gabor Tanay, Robert Tihanyi
    Systems Administrator: Gabor Kali
    Office: Gabriella Banfalvi, Andrew Gaspar, Tamas Ory, Istvan Zsoter, Marton Fuzes
    Motion Capture Engineers: Istvan Gindele, Csaba Kovari, Gyorgy Toth
    Motion Capture Artists: Gabor Szeman, Gyula Toth, Adam Vida
    Storyboard Artist: David Cserkuti
    Additional Matte Painting: Evan Shipard
    Ubisoft Montréal CEO: Yannis Mallat
    Executive Producer: Sebastien Puel
    Producer: Graeme Jennings
    Creative Director: Jean-Christophe Guyot
    Art Director: Mickael Labat
    Scriptwriter: Ceri Young
    Art Technical Director: Philippe Trarieux
    Associate Producer: Martin Schelling
    Lead Audio Designer: Aldo Sampaio
    Music Composition: Steve Jablonsky
    Voice: Yuri Lowenthal

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